Choose the right dredging hose for your application

To meet the more complex dredging requirements, CDSR has a large range of multifunctional hoses, such as Discharge Hose, Floating Hose, Armored Hose, Suction Hose, Expansion Joint, Bow Blowing Hose Set, Special Hose and other products that are constantly emerging.

(1)The discharge hose is mainly installed on the main line of the dredger in the dredging project. It is used to transport the mixture of mud, sand and water in the pipeline. It can be applied to the water pipeline, the underwater pipeline and the shore pipeline, and is an important part of the dredging pipeline.
Good bending and flexing can be adapted to various terrains, bends in the pipeline, repeated bending and stretching of the pipeline on the water through moderate bending of the mud drainage hose, ensuring that the pipeline is stable under different conditions for the transport of sediment and water mixtures.

(2)The floating hose is installed on the supporting main line of the dredger and is mainly used for floating pipelines on water. It is one of the main products of our company.
Due to the unique design of the built-in foam layer, the hose has buoyancy and can float on the water surface whether it is vacant or working. Therefore, the floating hose not only has the characteristics of compression resistance, flexural resistance, tensile strength, wear resistance, shock absorption, aging resistance, etc., but also has floating performance and good stiffness.

(3)The suction hose is mainly used for the rake arm part of Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger or the connection part of the bridge frame of cutter suction dredger. The suction hose can withstand both positive and negative pressure, and can continue to work within a certain dynamic bending angle. It is an indispensable rubber hose for dredgers.

(4)The Bow Blowing Hose Set is an important part of the bow blowing system of Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger. Ensures stable bow blow transport of the pipeline at arbitrary flexural transitions.

(5)With the full-scale development of dredging projects, the dredging hose industry has encountered more and more difficulties in conveying sharp-edged media such as coarse sand and coral reefs. General ordinary hoses cannot meet the requirements of dredging projects under such working conditions. The armored hose with embedded wear-resistant steel rings are especially designed for the harsh working conditions of media that ordinary dredging hoses cannot sustainably convey, such as coral reefs and weathered rocks, and can effectively convey such angular, hard and larger particles.

CDSR  hoses are designed and manufactured under the quality system in accordance with ISO 9001 and Dredging Hoses are fully compliant with the international standard ISO28017-2018 "Rubber hoses and hose assemblies, wire or textile reinforced, for dredging applications - Specification" as well as HG/T2490-2011, we are also able to meet the higher and more reasonable performance requirements of our customers.


Date: 23 Nov 2022