Reduce oil spill accidents at sea

Oil spill prevention:Oil spills are the release of liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into the environment, especially the marine ecosystem, as a result of human activities, and is a form of pollution.

There are four main ways that oil spills into the sea:
1. Tanker accident. Various oil tanker accidents occur every year and cause offshore oil spills. These accidents are mostly caused by tanker hull breaks due to the weather (such as storms at sea)and tanker collisions due to dense routes.
2. Explosions of the offshore drilling platform.
3. Leakage of offshore or offshore oil pipelines.
4. Man-made oil leakage.

1. Pollution of seawater quality
2. Harmful to the marine ecosystem
3. Impact on seaside tourism

The CDSR Double Carcass Hoses are recommended. In addition to the standard hose carcass (commonly termed 'primary' carcass), CDSR Double Carcass Hoses incorporate an additional second carcass designed to contain any product escaping from the primary carcass as a result of a slow leak or sudden failure. An effective, robust and reliable, integrated leak detection and indication system is provided. Such leak detection and indication system will enable users to check the status of double carcass hoses in service so as to reduce the safety risks of the hose strings.

Date: 27 Dec 2022